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SearchinTT is fully qualified & authorized to legally register businesses, partnerships and limited liability companies with the Government of Trinidad & Tobago (Ministry of Legal Affairs).
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PLEASE NOTE: This page is about registering a Business / Company legally with the Government of Trinidad & Tobago, Ministry of Legal Affairs - Companies Registry; it does NOT pertain to listing a business on SearchinTT.

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Have Questions About Registering your Business?

Please Note: Although they are used interchangably, technically, a "Business" is used to refer to a Sole Trader, whereas "Company" refers to Limited Liability.

Why do I need to Register my Business?

Here are some reasons why you should register your business:

  1. It is a legal requirement by the Government of Trinidad & Tobago.
  2. You'll be able to declare tax-deductible business expenses.
  3. Being unregistered prohibits you from growing, since you'll have to avoid being noticed by the Government.
  4. Banks only allow registered businesses to open an account, which you would need in order to accept cheque and linx transactions.
  5. Unregistered businesses cannot do business with legitimate businesses.
  6. Only registered businesses can bid on government tenders.
  7. If unregistered, another person can register the name that you operate under and prohibit you from doing further business under that name.
  8. If you Trade under a business name that even resembles one that has been registered, expect a "cease and desist" letter from their lawyer.

Can a non-citizen of Trinidad & Tobago register a business here?

Yes, a non-national may register a Company in Trinidad & Tobago, however, the total amount of shares that all foreign shareholders can control is 40%.
There are a few more considerations that our Online Business Registration process takes into account, such as the nationality of the directors, and if the Company wishes to operate as an External Company (see below for definition) etc.

What is an External Company

An External Company (also referred to as a Foreign Company) is one that was incorporated outside of Trinidad & Tobago but is allowed to conduct business within Trinidad & Tobago. Non-nationals can also Incorporate a Limited Liability Company that does not operate as a External one.

How to register a Business in Trinidad?

The online process is very fast and simple:

  1. Click the green "Register Your Business" button below to get started.
  2. Answer a few simple questions (such as the name of the business and owner/owners).
  3. Next, select a "Business Type".
  4. Then Enter a few more details (dependings on the business type you selected).
  5. Checkout.
  6. Check your email for updates & account information, we'll notify you when your registration certificate have been mailed.

Register Your Business

What is a Sole Trader Business?

A Sole Trader business is one that is owned by a single individual, and where the business owner is personally responsible for all debts incurred by the business. Basically, the individual is the business. Many professionals choose to register as a Sole Trader because it is the easiest to manage;. In the United States, a Sole Trader business structure is commonly referred to as Sole Proprietorship.

Some Advantages of a Sole Trader business are:

  • Greater flexibility of Management
  • Fewer legal controls
  • Fewer taxes
  • Easy to manage
  • Fast decision making

A Sole Trader pays his / her usual taxes - Income Tax, Health Surcharge. If hiring employees, a Sole Trader must also apply for a PAYE number.
PS. SearchinTT provides a one-stop hub for all your business needs. In short, we'll take take of everything for you.

What is a Limited Liability Company (LTD)?

A Limited Liability Company is one that offers protection to its owners, commonly referred to as directors, and is incorporated by multiple individuals. The company becomes a legal entity by itself and therefore pays its own taxes seperately from its directors. Being a legal entity also means that its directors cannot be held personally responsible for the company's debts or liabilities. Think of the Company as its own person.
Limited Liability company names are given the "Ltd" suffix in Trinidad & Tobago. In the United States, the suffix is LLC.

A Breakdown of the phrase: "Limited Liability Company"

LimitedA Restriction on something.
LiabilityLegal Obligations.
CompanyA business.
A Limited Liability Company is a business that restricts liabilities.

Some Advantages of a Limited Liability Company are:

  • Personal Asset & Liability Protection
  • A more respected entity, especially among other Businesses and Banks

Some Disadvantages are:

  • More taxes and obligations
  • Longer decision making process

What is the difference between a Sole Trader and a Limited Liability Company?

Here are some differences between a Sole Trader and a Limited Liability Company.

Sole TraderLTD
Sole TraderLimited Liability
Single ownerMultiple owners/directors
One owner makes all the decisionsMultiple directors share the responsibilities of decision making.
Individual owns 100% of the business and keeps all of the profitsProfits are shared amongst all the directors; although profits are usually kept in the Business' account, and the directors draw a salary.
The owner is the Business; they are considered the same entityThe Company is considered to be a seperate entity from the individuals that own it.
A Sole Trader company ceases to exist when the owner dies, retires or sells the business.A Limited Liability Company can go on indefinitely and has an operating agreement that makes provisions for continuing the company in the event of an owner's death, resignation or retirement.
The owner's personal assets are the business' assetsThe owners' personal assets are protected. The Company has its own assets.
No Name SuffixCompany name has an "Ltd" or "Limited" suffix

Which Type of Business should I choose?

If you're a professional who's looking for a quick & simple start, then choose Sole Trader.

If you already have co-owners / directors in mind that would like to join your business venture; or you plan to start-off with an establishment and employees, then choose Limited Liability.

Can I convert a Sole Trader Business to a Limited Liability Company?

Definitely. In many cases we advise that single-owner businesses start off as a Sole Trader and evolve into a Limited Liability Company.

What do I need in order to register a Business?

The requirements for registering a Sole Trader Business are:

  • A BIR # for the business owner (We can provide this, if you do not have one)
  • A Valid form of ID - Our Online Business Registration process allows you to pair your mobile phone and snap a picture of your ID; alternatively you can scan your IDs with a scanner if you have one, then upload the image.

The requirements for registering a Limited Liability Company are:

  • A BIR # for each director (We can provide this, if you do not have one)
  • A Valid form of ID for each director - Our Online Business Registration process allows you to pair your mobile phone and snap a picture of your IDs; alternatively you can scan your IDs with a scanner if you have one, then upload the image.

How long does the Online Registration take?

Our Online business registration process can take roughly around 5 minutes for Sole Traders and 10-15 minutes for Limited Liability Companies.

What is the cost of Registering a Business?

A sole trader business cost $135 USD ( Approx. $891 TTD ) whereas a limited liability company cost $455 USD (Approx. $3003 TTD); This price includes all the fees (Preparation of documents, name search, name reservation, Government / Ministry of Legal Affairs Company Registration; Local shipping is Free).

What is the Ministry of Legal Affairs?

The Ministry of Legal Affairs, Registrar General Department is responsible for maintaining the Companies Registry in Trinidad & Tobago. Other responsibilities of the Minisitry of Legal Affairs include:

  • (IPO, Intellectual Property Office) Registration of Intellectual Property, Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks etc.
  • (Companies Registry) Registration of Newspapers
  • (Land Registry) Registration of Land Title Documents etc
  • (Civil Registry) Births - Registration of Births / Birth Certificates etc.
  • (Civil Registry) Marriages - Issue of Marriage Licenses etc.
  • (Civil Registry) Deaths - Registration of Deaths
  • Adoption, Muslim Divorce Certificates
  • Hospital Registry
  • District Registrars Listing / Office Locations

The head office is located at 72-74 South Quay, Port of Spain.

What is a Company Secretary?

Not to be confused with the regular Secretary (an Administrative Assistant), the Company Secretary or Corporate Secretary is a senior official (male or female) on the board of a company that deals with financial and legal issues.

What is a Tax-deductible business expense?

A tax-deductible expense is one that you do not have to pay taxes on. Let's say for example you've made $100,000 dollars. Normally, you'll have to pay Income Tax on it. If you make a tax-deductible purchase of $20,000, then you'll only have to pay income tax on $80,000 :-)

Where are you Located?

SearchinTT is located at:

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