Caribbean Retinal Eyecare Supplies (CARES)

The Institute offers Comprehensive Diabetic Eye Disease assessment and management by the only North American Fellowship-Trained VitreoRetinal Surgeon in the english speaking Caribbean, Dr. Ahad Deen.;; Office Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, And Friday: 9am-3:30pm Saturday 9am-12:30pm ;; Retinal imaging procedures available include: Fluorescein Angiograms, Spectral Domain OCT, Fundus photography, B scan ultasonography;; Treatment procedures include: Laser photocoagulation, Intravitreal injections, and Pneumatic Retinopexy.;; Same Day Surgery: Wednesday 7:30am - at SurgiMed Clinic San Fernando, almost all cases done without having to be put to sleep;; Surgical procedures: Vitrectomy for advanced diabetic eye disease including bleeding and scarring in the back of the eyes, retinal detachment, macular holes and puckers, traumatic eye injury, foreign body removal, complicated cataract surgeries.


153 Mission Rd, Freeport
Tel: (868) 673-0945
12 Marli St, Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 625-9931
This information was last updated on the 31st of July 2017.