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Friends Of POS General Hospital Association
Location: Port of Spain, Trinidad   Friends Of Pos General Hospital Association
Tel: (868) 623-9428  
POS Adventist Hospital
Location: Port of Spain, Trinidad   Pos Adventist Hospital
Tel: (868) 628-8501  
Tel #2: (868) 622-9582  
General Hospital
Location: Port of Spain, Trinidad   General Hospital
Tel: (868) 623-7896  
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 Advanced Cardiovascular Institute Limited
 Advanced Cardiovascular Institute operates a full-service heart care facility using state-of-the-art technology at our Cath Labs. We treat various forms of cardiovascular disease. We operate the leading interventional cardiology and cardiac surgical programmes in the country. ACI provides a full range of life-saving services: Diagnostic Services - Angiogram and radiology procedures indentifying blockages in blood vessels in the... 
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