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Who We Are

SearchinTT is the synergistic union of an elite team of professionals driven to deliver an undeniable return on investment to businesses within Trinidad & Tobago. Even though we are a private company we have been getting support from the government and other organisations whose mission is consistent with our objectives.

Each team member is internationally recognised and offers first world expertise in the areas of Internet Marketing, Business Development, I.T. (Information Technology) & Website Design.
Our unique strategies, innovative thinking skills & vast knowledge of our respective topic areas demand that SearchinTT delivers a superior level of Internet Marketing to businesses within Trinidad & Tobago.
Locally, we dominate the most effective medium for advertising to the market of the 21st century - the Internet.

Our product search engine ( is the result of 12 years of hard work, information gathering, research & development.


What We Do

  • Providing businesses & consumers with a service that allows them to easily locate businesses, products & services within Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Improving Trade & Commerce (and the economy) within Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Substantially increasing international exposure to the businesses, services & products produced within Trinidad & Tobago and grant access to foreign and growth markets.
  • Granting local businesses access to the vast majority of consumers that use our website to locate products & services to purchase.
  • Exemplifying the effectiveness & tremendous benefits of having your business on SearchinTT.

How It Works

For the consumer:
  • A consumer enters the product or service into the search bar at the top of the page and clicks "Search".
  • A list of businesses that offer the products/services requested are then displayed for the consumer to choose from.
For your business:

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If you need assistance or have any inquiries,
please call us at (868)234-9551.

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