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  Advanced Cardiovascular Institute Limited

 Advanced Cardiovascular Institute Limited

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Advanced Cardiovascular Institute operates a full-service heart care facility using state-of-the-art technology at our Cath Labs. We treat various forms of cardiovascular disease. We operate the leading interventional cardiology and cardiac surgical programmes in the country.

ACI provides a full range of life-saving services:

Diagnostic Services -
Angiogram and radiology procedures indentifying blockages in blood vessels in the heart and other areas of the body such as the legsm arms and kidneys

Examination of the heart's electrical system which is responsible for the beating of the heart. This leads to the identification and treatment of the causes of potentially thretening irregular heart rhythms.

Interventional Services -

Angioplasty procedures for opening up narrowed blood vessels in the heart, legs, arms and kidneys through non-invasive surgical methods

Procedures involving the use of stents to keep blood vessels open when they become blocked or to reroute the passage of blood

Implants such as pacemakers used to regularise the heart beat, or the vena cava filter which prevents the migration of blood clots to the lungs.

Pericardiocentesis and Balloon Percardiotomy for draining fluid from around the heart

Brain Aneurysm treatments

Hemodialysis access management
Aortic Aneurysm Repair

Surgical Services -

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) for rerouting the blood flow in the coronary artery

Valve repair and replacement for damaged or diseased heart valves

Arterial Septal Defect repairs to correct 'holes' in the heart

Aortic Surgery correcting problems in this major blood vessels.

Support Services -

Respiratory Therapy
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Dieraty Consultations
Diabetic Management

Contact Information

Main Address:
239 Western Main Road, Cocorite, Trinidad
Port of Spain,
Telephone #1: (868) 628-4740
Telephone #2: (868) 625-5824

People within the Organisation

Steve Sankar
Position: Marketing Executive
Name: Steve Sankar
Contact: (868) 625-5824 ext. 262